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      武汉兆格信息技术有限公司(www.bjymrxx.com)注册资金1000万元,地球空间信息计算生产能力及数据分析服务提供商,是一家面向空间大数据、云计算、云协作生产的技术运营公司。公司致力于将“智能协同”的概念引入传统地理信息空间数据产业,通过运用互联网、云计算、摄影测量、计算机视觉、机器学习(AI)等技术,将“数据、任务、人员、软件、算法”连接起来,形成 “海量、弹性、在线、协作、可定制”的智能计算生产能力,为用户提供通过处理各类遥感对地观测数据,得到地面物体的几何、物理、属性、变化信息的计算生产平台及最终数据的产品和服务。 在未来,兆格大脑(GridKnow AI),依托搭建在高性能云计算平台上的专业领域深度学习算法,以生产协作云平台获取的海量空间大数据为样本,自行研发或收购或合作更多的机器计算算法,通过对地理信息数据处理的机器学习,得到影像匹配、地物识别、变化监测、信息提取等人工智能算法成果,并据此对空间信息大数据进行智能分析处理,将处理成果和报告进行发布,为测绘、军事、电力、农业、林业等行业的专业应用提供实时空间信息观测服务。

      业务关键词: “天空地观测、时空大数据、云协作、AI”
      公司愿景:Grid knowing,格兆物,以致知
      兆格的使命:Image to Insight,通过获取时空大数据,基于云工厂的智能计算能力, 融合各类传感器信息,智能调配算法与人工,实时感知测量万万种地物,以达到智能理解地物的状态、并做出各种评估、预测。

      ABOUT AS

      At GridKnow, we combine deep learning,computer vision and survey&map technology with human-in-the-loop to automate the discovery of objects at scale.

      Despite our best efforts at automation, there will likely always be a need for a "human-in-the-loop" when it comes to complex business processes. We have developed human-in-the-loop cloud platform, supporting global collaboration work, With GridKnow’s human-in-the-loop platform:

      1) you can use imagery from any drone OR satellite to create collaborative maps and 3D models on cloud. You also can explore trends, make measurements and incorporate drone data with any app-tools on demand.

      2) you can annotate images specific to your business needs, and choose from our template library and customize your design settings to drive the data quality you need. Our platform will route the tasks to the right people and finish it based on your requirements. And generating high-quality training data to ensure your model is always as accurate as possible.

      With remarkable advancements in computer vision,cloud computing, and survey&map technology, GridKnow is also turning millions of images into a big-picture understanding of the world that is quantitatively grounded in observation, creating unprecedented transparency, and empowering global decision makers ,with a new source of market insights.

      Global Mapping Project that is an international collaborative initiative has been implementing.

      We are a team of highly skilled engineers and scientists passionate about understanding the world around us.







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